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Getting Started
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Getting Started

Step 1: Create an account on this site by clicking Register

Step 2: Go to LendingClub.com and login.
- On the Summary page you will find your account number; write this down
Lending Club Account Number

- Go to your Settings page to electronically sign the API user agreements and generate an API Credentials Key; write this down
Lending Club API Credentials

Step 3: Navigate back to ThinkFastSuit.com and click the 'Add Lending Club Account' link on the left and scroll to the bottom to add your Lending Club API Credentials and Account Number.

Step 4: Enter your Lending Club account information for one or more accounts (info you wrote down in previous step

Step 5: Select your active account from the 'Lending Club Account' drop down list in the menu on the left (if you have more than one), then select the 'Add Investment Rules' link on the left to begin building your investment rules

Step 6: Review the rule building quick start guide here: Creating Investments Rules

Step 7: For each active rule, under each active Lending Club account, ThinkFastSuit.com will evaluate the newly posted loans from Lending Club (6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm - Pacific) against your rules and execute investment orders on your behalf. You will receive an e-mail from Lending Club for your successful orders as if you had placed the order yourself through Lending Club's web site.