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  • Can I try ThinkFastSuit.com without paying for a subscription?
    Yes, you have two options:
    1. You can register for a ThinkFastSuit.com account and navigate through parts of the site to get a feel for it, however you will not be able to see / utilize the Rule Builder functionality.
    2. You can register for a ThinkFastSuit.com account, then sign up for a subscription that includes a 2 week free trial. The free trial will unlock the full functionality of the site, and can be cancelled any time.
  • How much does a ThinkFastSuit.com subscription cost?
    After the 2 week free trial, your subscription will be $8.60 per month if you choose the monthly option. Alternatively, you can purchase the annual subscription for $86.00 (~17% discount). You may cancel either at any time.
  • Is ThinkFastSuit.com affiliated with Lending Club?
    No. Lending Club exposes their Application Programming Interface (API) to users who sign the appropriate agreements and are authorized to use the Lending Club API. In order to use ThinkFastSuit.com to submit investment orders, each user must individually request and be granted access to use the API by Lending Club.

  • What is 8 Six 0 Holdings, Inc.?
    8 Six 0 Holdings, Inc. is the company that wholly owns and operates the ThinkFastSuit.com website.

  • Can ThinkFastSuit.com recommend any investment rules to get me started?
    No. ThinkFastSuit.com and 8 Six 0 Holdings, Inc. do not provide any financial advice. All investment rules created on ThinkFastSuit.com are done so at your own discretion, regardless of the source. ThinkFastSuit.com is an automation vehicle to submit investment orders on your behalf for investment rules you create.

  • Is ThinkFastSuit.com secure?
    ThinkFastSuit.com uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), identified by https: at the beginning of the URL in the address bar, whenever confidential or user identifiable information is sent over the internet. Additionally, the following attributes are stored in an encrypted format in the database to add additional protection: ThinkFastSuit.com username & password, Lending Club credentials & account number.

  • If I have to give ThinkFastSuit.com my Lending Club credentials and account number, couldn’t you login and transfer all the money out of my account?
    No, your Lending Club credentials are not the username and password you use to login to the Lending Club web site. Instead, it is a string of characters that Lending Club generates and associates with your account specifically for use with the Application Programming Interface (API), which is the mechanism ThinkFastSuit.com uses to interact with Lending Club on your behalf. API capabilities are limited to the following account related functions: submit an investment order, create and list portfolios.

  • Can I use multiple Lending Club investment accounts under a single ThinkFastSuit.com account?
    Yes, as long as all Lending Club and ThinkFastSuit.com accounts are registered under the same name(s).