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What’s in a name?

On an unplanned sabbatical from my corporate career, I holed up in my friend’s South Lake Tahoe cabin just programming away to finish up this site. When the time came to publish, I ran a couple potential domain names past my friend, who subsequently shot them down as if she were Jase Robertson and my ideas were a flock of ducks. In her typical fashion of pointing out the blatantly obvious, and then berating me with it, she pointed to the logo on my favorite t-shirt (which I might’ve been wearing for the past couple days), and condescendingly exclaimed: “think fast hippie? – How about think fast suit?” I purchased the domain and published the site.

Brass Tacks

As an individual investor looking for alternatives to the stock market, I found Lending Club and with fairly consistent high returns I began pouring more and more money into my account. I quickly found two problems with this investment vehicle: it was difficult to find loans that were attractive to my risk profile, and my money would often be committed to a loan for two weeks and then the loan wouldn’t fund. Through research I found that Lending Club posts their new loans for investment at four consistent times every day. My short term solution was to jump online at 6am and 6pm to try to catch the best new loans two of the four times they were posted – not long term feasible. Through more research, I discovered Lending Club offered programmatic access to their site and I dusted off my programming skills and began developing a tool in which I could create “rules” to reflect my investing preferences, and then a level of automation to evaluate my rules and enter investment orders for me! With this tool, which I’ve now developed into Think Fast Suit, I’ve maintained less than 2% idle cash in my $10,000 account by investing $25 to $100 per loan that meets my “rule” criteria. Lending Club exposes over 80 loan and credit attributes through their programmatic interface, which Think Fast Suit allows you to filter on, create rules on, and ultimately executes your investment orders on. Lending Club’s own web site only exposes about a dozen of these same attributes to filter / search on. Think Fast Suit will allow you to manage multiple Lending Club accounts (i.e. personal account, IRA account, Roth IRA account, etc.), creating unique rules for each, specify how much to invest based on each rule, and even add the loan to your specified portfolio. Your rules will be evaluated and your investment orders entered four times a day; as soon as the new loans post on Lending Club’s website.

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